It’s Not a Japanese Nadine

I’ve posted a while back that I may have found somebody who drew a character that looked like Nadine. But then Xellos informed me that the character that looked like Nadine in that shot is actually a character called Saber in an H-Game called Fate/Stay Night (see the character on the right). Here is an unofficial Fate/Stay Night Game Homepage. Unfortunately I cannot link the official site (in Japanese) because it contains rude pictures that may cause me to violate some rules on my host.

Click on the character to see more pics from the Fate/Stay Night game. And also click here for a fanart of the same character.

Wow. Seems like I made a fool of myself in the older post as this character seems to be popular among Japanese or people who follow Japanese trends. It’s just uncanny how the character designs are similar.

I wonder when this character was created because I fear that people will think that it was I who copied this character’s design when in fact I’ve never heard of this Saber character till now. I wonder.

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