What’s that in our mailbox?

When I opened our post box yesterday, we got several bills, pangarap pages and what’s that small piece of paper? I reached in and fished it out. Ohhh… what’s this? “Get fit and earn money” was the first line that caught my eye. Hmmm… interesting. Maybe I could do my daily stroll, get fit and earn extra cash in the process? A hit- 3-birds-with-one-stone sort of deal? But wait, that sounded like it’s too good to be true so what’s the catch?

I read on and I just had to smile. So this is how they recruit people who stuff our post boxes with the pangarap pages. Officially, they’re called Leaflet distributor(Walker), and not spammers as I call them.

Anyway, here’s the ad (with some of the details blocked out). For those who may be interested, there’s still enough information in it for you to be able to contact them.

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