Daily Stroll

Recently, in an effort to lose some weight, Raquel and I decided to start going out on evening strolls after dinner.

The first night, we decided to walk just around the block. We noticed this park nearby when we drive home from the mall on weekends so we thought have ourselves a look-see. That’s the day of the ambush interview incident.

The following day, we walked along Chapel Street to the Jam Factory (which is just another shopping centre). We actually took some snapshots of the street and some weird stuff along the way but unfortunately we accidentally deleted those photos earlier. Gaaaah! I’ll just take some more photos next time we walk along Chapel Street.

Although the walk from here to the Jam Factory is about 45 minutes, it was worth it because my favourite shop is there: Borders bookstore. They close late and they have a wide variety of books including graphic novels and manga! I just go there to catch up on my reading really.

So anyway, back to the strolling, yesterday we decided to walk nearby yet again this time along Alma Street (or is it Road?) and we happen upon this nice tranquil park. At first we didn’t know what it was called but after we’ve circled the park looking for the sign with the park’s name on it, we finally saw that it was called “Alma Park” as we were leaving. Of course!

Along Alma Park. Click here to see more photos.

The walk in the park was very relaxing and serene. It reminded me a lot of Canberra and I cannot believe that I miss this kind of thing about Canberra. I guess that place really grew on me.

I wanted to take pictures of the park but unfortunately we didn’t have our camera at the time. So today when we went for our evening stroll, we returned to the park but with a camera this time and took some pictures.

Included in the photos in the album above are four pictures we took while we were in Footscray earlier. The reason we went there was because that’s where Filipino stores are (that we know of). So while there we bought foodstuff I missed from home like the instant La Paz Batchoy noodles (think instant ramen), Flattop Chocolates, Yema (like fudge but with jackfruit), Lady’s Choice Chicken Spread, Jack & Jill’s Chippy and V-Cuts (junk food) and ingredients for Pancit Palabok. Yes. Palabok.

Also included was the photo of the “Beware of Handbags” sign Raquel saw there before.

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