Congratulations Kuya Kenneth!

I just received word from my cousin, Kuya Kenneth, who started as a programmer working for a prestigious US firm since 1996 (or was it 1997?) was just promoted to Vice President! And I just like to publicly say…

Congratulations, Kuya Kenneth!

Like I said before, you certainly earned and deserved it, I’m sure. Now, if only I was home for the “blow-out.”

While I’m talking about this cousin of mine, I might as well tell the rest of you something about him and how he was a big influence on me. Ever since we were young, I’ve always looked up to him as an older brother I don’t have. I valued, respected and trusted his advice in most matters. I’ve always thought of him as somebody to emulate. I’ve always wanted to be like him.

Growing up, Kuya Kenn and his brother Kaypee (which is long for KP kinda like Geejay is long for GJ but he prefers the name Patrick now) drew comicbooks on ruled notebooks. The comics were about superheroes, sports and war. When I first read one of his comics, I thought, “hey, I can also make one of these!”

So me and my brother started drawing comics of our own. A comic about a superhero and another about a group of transforming robots.

Since we four have our own superhero comic creations, we decide that there could be crossovers in continuity and together they’d be called the “Super Pauso Gang” which is kinda like the Super Friends or the Justice League of America, if you like. I know it sounds cheesy now but back then we didn’t know any better. Anyway, Kuya Kenn was the one who would write and draw the Super Pauso Gang comics. We’d just sit back and read it once he’s done. Oddly enough, he always seemed to know exactly how I wanted my character to act and so it’s as if I wrote the parts for my character. I loved it.

But then we’ve outgrown the Super Pauso Gang but not the transforming robot comics. Again, Kuya Kenn was in charge of drawing the comic books where the transforming robot good guys of each of the four of us join forces to fight their combined evil counterparts.

So you see, if it weren’t for him (and I guess, Kaypee), I probably would never have even drawn my webcomic Lovarian Adventures.

The next thing he introduced to us is this odd thing called Role-playing Games. Apparently he had played some Dungeons & Dragons before but he basically got the gist of how the game was played. So without rule books and dice, we played a Role-playing Game which we named after the setting he created called Tark-Mar with him as the Game Master (sort of like the writer/director of a movie).

We’d meet at their house in Muntinlupa every week without fail just to play Tark-Mar. I was so enthralled with playing it that sometimes I imagine I was the character I was playing: the mightiest sorcerer in Tark-Mar. Well, anyway, that’s when I started to really get into fantasy.

Later on though, I would learn about the actual Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) game and introduce it to the cousins with me as the Dungeon Master (Game Master). The game was set in a place called in an imaginary place called Lovaria. Note that I now know that there is an actual place called Lovaria in the real world but at the time I thought I’d invented a place with a unique name.

When I was Dungeon Master of our D&D campaigns, I started to do research about everything to make the setting seem more real. I became very interested in history (mostly ancient, medieval and reneissance), religion (mostly about the pre-modern Roman Catholic Church) and the occult (unfortunately).

If it weren’t for Kuya Kenn introducing Tark-Mar to us so many years ago, I probably don’t know as much about history of both the world and the church which I still belong.

I guess the final big influence he had on me was that I took the same major in University he did..

Now, we’re all grown up and went our own ways. We don’t play anymore and we don’t collaborate on comics anymore. I sometimes feel nostalgic and miss all the fun we had during our childhood. Those days are long gone but at least there still remains the influence he had on my life.

Pauso in Tagalog means Invented. But depending on context, it could probably mean “nonsense” too.

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Girls only urinals?

Imagine yourself enjoying a public event when you feel the call of nature. Although it would only take a few minutes to go to the loo, you decide that you’ll wait for a break in the show. However, when that break does happen, you realize that everybody had the same idea and now there’s a long queue outside the toilet just when you’re in the brink of delirium. What’s a girl to do?

Well, some women brave it and use the cubicles inside the men’s toilet. You have to do what you have to do…

Which leads to the question, why do women take so long to do their business in the toilet anyway? Why can’t we be more like men who take just a few minutes? Zip down, pee, zip up, wash and then go?

Well soon the women in Melbourne could. With the planned introduction of the Shee Pees (as they’re known in Europe) this year, women could use a disposable paper funnel that’s supposed to be leak proof. It’s supposed to be more hygienic than traditional toilets as it won’t require women to sit on suspect toilet seats.

After reading that article yesterday, I thought it would never catch on. I mean, come on, peeing while standing? You’ve got to be kidding me. What made me rethink my position is the result of a text poll in MX (free daily newspaper in train stations, think Libre in the Philippines). Asked if it is right for women to pee standing up, 49% of the responders said Yes and 51% said No.

As you can see from these results, it was a close vote. So did I change my mind about it? Well, no. I may try it if I’m desperate but would rather not do my business in public. Some things are just best kept behind closed doors.

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Kung ikaw ay sumusubaybay sa aming pakikipagsapalaran dito sa aming blog, malalaman mong isa sa mga resolusyon ko sa taong ito ay ang pagpapapayat.

Kadalasan sa mga taong nagpapapayat ang timbangin ang sarili nila para malaman kung ilang kilo ba ang dapat mabawas sa kanilang kasalukuyang timbang. Pero… di ko ginawa yan nung naisip kong magpapayat. Paano ba naman, baka naman mawalan agad ako ng loob kung makikita ko na malaki ang dapat kong ibawas. Sa madaling sabi, naduwag ba.

Kahapon ay naglakas loob na ako, naisip ko kasing parang di ako seryoso sa pagpapapayat kung di ko ito gagawin. Isa pa, anong magiging panukat ko kung ako nga ay unti-unti nang gumagaang?

At, eto na nga ang nangyari. Dahil sa ang timbangan namin ay walang pounds na karaniwan na gamit sa Pilipinas, di agad ako naapektuhan nang makita ko ang timbang ko sa stones at kilograms. Pero nung nag-compute na ako! Aba, malakas ata ang gravity dito sa Australia, di ako makapaniwala!

Sinabi ko rin kay Gabriel na timbangin nya ang sarili nya. Aba, at kahindik-hindik din ang naging resulta. Di pa nga ako nakuntento sa computation ng PDA (personal digital assistant) ko at naghanap pa ako ng calculators sa internet. Wala pa rin, pareho pa rin ang resulta.

Habang naghahanap ako ng converters at calculators sa internet, naalala kong ang sikat na paraan upang malaman kung ikaw ay nasa normal weight o overweight ay sa pamamagitan ng paggamit ng BMI calculator. Ang kalulunos-lunos na resulta? Ako raw ay overweight at si asawa ay obese na. Hala!

Kaya ang gimik namin ngayon? Maglakad-lakad sa paligid ng tinitirahan namin pagkakain ng hapunan. Kaya lang ay kulang pa yata. Masubukan kaya ang mga dyeta-dyeta na yan?!?

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