Man on the street

Whenever I see people being asked for their opinions on a topic on TV, I’ve always wandered how come I’ve never heard of anyone I know who has been asked for their opinions on film. Well, I could not claim that anymore as I was witness to “someone” being taped for a survey yesterday.

I apologise for the resolution as I only had my mobile (cell phone) to take the photo with.

For those who’re curious, the topic of the survey is discount coupons/dockets. We were walking (for exercise) around our neighborhood when this group came towards us and asked hubby if he wouldn’t mind participating in a survey. He said he wouldn’t mind even before learning what the survey is all about. How’s that for easy huh?

Anyway, it only took a few minutes and they were appreciative (I’ve lost count of the thank yous). They certainly made our first attempt at exercising interesting to say the least.

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