Oz Chronicles 1

Raquel and I discussed over lunch break today that although our site is about two individuals living in Oz (that’s Australia to you new guys), we don’t really have much in terms of content relating to our experiences in the land they call Down Under.

When we started this combined blog, in the back of my head I wanted this to be a place where Filipinos planning to move to Oz can get a good idea of what to expect when they come on over. And the way I want to accomplish that is to simply relate my own experiences when I got here and hopefully from that, the reader will get an idea of what it’s like here.

To make it additionally easy for readers to find posts like this through our archives, I’ll simply give the posts a title of Oz Chronicles with a number that pertains to the number of times a similar post has been posted before.

Okay enough of that and let me make this an actual Oz Chronicle post by relating to you something that happened even before I stepped on Australian soil.

I was able to come over to Australia because there was a posting in the local (Philippine) newspaper about an Oz company seeking programmers that matched my skill set back in late 2000. I was very fortunate to get the job because as it turned out later, I was the very last Filipino hired by them.

It was an IT consulting firm and the job was that of an IT consultant. So although they will pay for all expenses in getting me to Oz, they must be able to get me a client company to work with otherwise they’d be paying me a monthly wage for nothing.

So anyway, that should be enough back story for what I really want to tell, which is related to Australian accents:
One day, my account manager rang me and asked me some questions to determine if I was suitable for one of the client companies that needed a programmer.

“G’day Gabriel. **** here,” she said. “I need to ask you if you know the following technologies.”

“Go ahead,” I replied.

“Visual Basic?” she asked.


“Microsoft Access?”



VBI? What’s VBI, I thought. Never heard of it before. Could it be a Visual Basic technology I’m not aware of? So I clarified, “VBI?”

“Yes. VBI.”

I paused for a while. She seemed to have realised that I was probably puzzled so she added, “VBI. Visual Basic for Applications?”

OOHHH! VBA! It sure sounded like she said I rather than A.
And that was my first ever real encounter with the Australian accent which would become a sort of obstacle for me in my first few months in Oz.

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Japanese Nadine?

To those who’ve been following my webcomic, you’d know that I favour the use of OpenCanvas 3 when I draw digital art. So, today, I wanted to check OpenCanvas’s website for updates and entered their Japanese site instead at http://www.portalgraphics.net/.

While there, I found out that in Japan, OpenCanvas 4 is already out. Not only that. There is also a totally new software from them called FrameToon which creates animation and saves it in shockwave/flash format. There are two short sample animations created using this tool on their site here by clicking on the first big pink button (for animation 1) and the first big green button (for animation 2).

I thought the sample animations were cool so I went and browsed through the amateur FrameToon user submissions. Then, I came upon this one:

Click here to see the actual page

The image of the female this person drew looks suspiciously like Nadine, a female warrior character on my Lovarian Adventures webcomic. Here is an image I drew before that shows Nadine (the left most character) and the rest of the cast of the comic.

Notice that both characters have blonde pulled back hair with bangs (though not exactly the same blonde colour but blonde still), blue shirt with yellow lining and metallic shoulder armour. Interesting.

I guess I don’t really mind if it is intended as a future piece of fanart but if the person is going to claim the design as his/her own, then I would probably take offence. The other possibility of course is that it is merely coincidental that the person created a female blonde character with a blue and yellow shirt with a metallic shoulder armour. I think that highly unlikely though.

I’m just surprised to encounter Nadine’s visage somewhere out in the web.

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