Guess what we did today?

We went to the Immigration museum and visited the sand sculpting in Docklands. We’ve been planning to visit these places for quite some time now but are either too lazy or don’t have the time to do it. Well, today we finally made time and went.

First off, we went to the Book Market at Federation square. As there were just a handful of book sellers, it was mostly a disappointment and we quickly left without buying anything.

Next, we went to the Immigration museum along Flinders street. We only stayed 1.5 hours because we arrived quite late into the day and the museum closes at exactly 5pm. Although we were just there for a short time, we thought that the museum was a good place to visit to learn about the history of migration in Australia. As with most museums, you’d get more out of your $6.00 entrance fee if you don’t mind reading the captions that come with the exhibit. That, and arrive earlier so you could spend more time with each display. Taking photos is allowed, unless specified otherwise. Unfortunately, we took heaps of photos without noticing that the camera was set to macro mode and the photos came out out of focus.

Anyway, after being thrown out of the Immigration Museum, we drove to the Docklands where the sand sculptures are. The cost of the entrance at $8.50 was a little bit steep but the proceeds (dunno if it’s full or partial) would go to Vision Australia to help those who are blind or vision impaired.

The sand sculptures were wonderful! I’d highly recommend people, especially those with kids, to visit. The sculptures were huge and the details are just awesome. When you visit, don’t miss the “How to” video presentation where they interview the people who has sculpted these magnificent creations and maybe you’d also like to try your hand at creating your own sculptures.

Make sure you find a good place to park though because the parking lot we went into charges $2 for the first hour, $7 for 2 hours and increments from there. We’re not familiar with the area so we don’t know if that’s the normal parking rate or it’s just the most expensive one because it’s just a stone’s throw away from the shops.

It definitely has been a fun day and I’m glad we went out despite the threatening sky (it still hasn’t rained but it sure looked like it would for most of the day).

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Old Illustrated Journal Entry

Tonight, while drawing the Nadine vs the Gargoyle work-in-progress piece, I flipped through my old sketch books looking for the gargoyle studies I made when I originally drew the gargoyles in the Lovarian Adventures webcomic a few months back.

I then accidentally came upon a page where I apparently recorded what happened during our flight to Queensland last December. I just wanted to share it with you guys. Oh, and forgive the poor handwriting.

I’ve always wanted to keep a sort of illustrated diary/journal and I’ve tried starting one a few times but I always end up just forgetting about it after writing and drawing one entry. This is one of those entries.

Meanwhile, I’m still finishing that unfinished Nadine vs Gargoyle image and I still haven’t found those gargoyle studies. Ugh.

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