Drawing Again

I picked up the pen (well, actually the tablet’s stylus) and started drawing another piece but instead of Photoshop, this time on OpenCanvas 3.

The girl character is Nadine, one of the heroines in my webcomic Lovarian Adventures fighting off a gargoyle. This scene was inspired by the current situation the characters are in in the comic (Chapter 7).

Anyway, after finishing drawing the avatars and the banner, I felt good about drawing again. I missed it. I feel this familiar feeling I used to get after drawing something. I just thought of doing this too in preparation for the continuation of the webcomic. I think I still have it, thank the Lord.

Click here or on the image to view the slightly bigger version.

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Photo Friday

With a renewed interest in photography because of our new camera, I was thinking of a daily photo blog when the year started. I quickly discovered though that without any particular aim in mind and what I’ll call too much freedom to choose a subject, I just got lazy.

Which is why I was stoked to find the Photo Friday site the other day. It’s a site where photographers (both professional and wannabes) could join up and get a weekly photo assignment. It’s not a competition so there are no prizes to be had but it’s a good source of subjects to keep the creative juices flowing or in my case, force it into action.

This week’s theme is Silhouette and here are both our submissions.

Taken by me in our kitchen at 8:30 pm. It’s summer here so that means longer days and the sun is just about to set at that time.

Taken by Gabriel

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