Bad back remedy

Yep, I decided to take a sick day off today after waking up at the usual time, testing my back when sitting up and standing then imagining myself almost confined to a chair all day. No way I’m going to go through that again, at the very least I want to have a day of rest before marching off to work again tomorrow.

After having breakfast and doing my usual morning business, I sent an email to my boss that I wouldn’t be reporting for work and lied down on the bed with a magazine. I fell asleep at around 11 and woke up at 12:45! I didn’t have a lot of time to savour the feeling of having a good nap as I have to still cook rice and re-heat last night’s ulam for lunch.

One lunch and TV documentary later, I had this fantastic idea of venturing outside to buy some groceries. I’ve been thinking of trying out a muffin recipe I’ve found on for several weeks now but never had the time. What better time than now when I don’t have anything specific planned? Besides, I don’t want to lie down again and the next best position for my back is to stand (which I’d be doing during the preparation of the muffin).

I made up a list of ingredients, took the environment friendly grocery bag and headed out. While in the groceries I got 3 bananas, 1 kg of flour, 1 kg of sugar, 2 liters Diet Coke, 1 liter fresh milk and some other small items. All these were deposited to the one grocery bag I had with me and after paying for my purchases, I swung the bag without thinking to my left shoulder. That’s when it happened, I thought I felt a slight pain and something giving in my lower back. I remembered thinking, “Uh oh, it could be very good or very bad for me indeed.” Either whatever it is that’s been misaligned has now gone back to where it belonged or I’ve just made it worse.

I gingerly took a step forward… Ok, looks like there’s no pain in walking so at least that part’s still good. I slowly walked back home with all my purchases, climbed up to the second floor to our unit and deposited the heavy bag to the counter. I then sat down on the sofa to see if I would still have difficulty standing straight after a few moments on it. A few moments later, I stood up and there’s no more pain! Woohoo! A bag of groceries cured me! Could you just believe it? If I’ve known I would have lifted a heavy bag sooner!

Anyway, to make a long story short, my back’s pretty ok now. It’s still a bit sore and it has this tingling sensation but I could stand and sit as I please. Knock on wood or touch wood as the Aussies would say.

In addition, I did my baking experiment and although the muffins don’t look like much, they do taste better than most of the muffins I’ve paid good money for in the shops. Hubby have had two already! Hehehe…

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Bad back

Yesterday when I was about to put on my shoes before going to work, our sofa seemed to have a mind of it’s own and pulled my butt into it (or maybe my butt’s gotten too heavy that gravity just took over). Anyway, as my bum touched the leather sofa, something in my back gave.

I didn’t really hear anything crack or anything like that but I just felt a dull pain in my lower back. This kind of thing has happened before and so I ignored it and went to work. In the past I would usually take a sickie (sick leave) and rest for the whole day but since I’m still in my probationary period of my employment now, I would like to minimise taking sick days off as much as possible.

Besides, I would be sitting in the office all day anyway. What harm could it do? Well, I don’t know if it has done any harm but it certainly did not do any good. Sitting in my chair is ok as I could mostly tolerate the dull pain. Standing up and walking around though is another problem. When I stand up to go somewhere after a long period of sitting, I couldn’t stand straight. My back would hurt when I try to stand straight and so my tendency is to hunch over from the waist down when walking or pull back my shoulders and walk with my chest out. I’m sure I look funny, imagine a clumsy duck trying to walk and the image would not be far from how I looked.

Walking around for a few minutes would make me stand straighter but by then I’d have to go back to my desk and the cycle starts over. It has even gotten to the point that I dread standing up when I’m sitting and dread sitting after being able to stand straight.

It’s now day 2 with no relief in sight. It feels like I have twisted some joint (is that even possible in the lower back?) and hopefully whatever it is that has gotten misaligned would snap back to place soon. I’ve tried to do some yoga and have used Salonpas (Japanese medicated strips) and it has helped little. I’m now thinking of taking a sick day tomorrow and even contemplating going to the G.P. (General Practitioner) to have it checked out if the condition doesn’t improve soon. Hope it doesn’t come to that…

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It’s Thursday and it’s the day of the week when we get to watch a lot of TV because a lot of our favourite shows are on Thursdays like Joan of Arcadia and Stargate SG-1 (still on Season 7 argh!). Not today though.

Why? Because of Cricket. Yes, the game. It’s Cricket Season. For those of you who don’t know what Cricket is, here it is explained for novices (such as myself – also note that as of this writing, I haven’t really read the whole linked article).

Now I will not pretend to understand the game. All I know about the game is from the questions I enquired about it from my Aussie workmates and from what I see on TV. I don’t mean to offend any Cricket fans but I just find the game boring.

One game can last from one to five days. And even if it is just one day, it means the whole day. So, who can watch this game? Who has the time to watch all the games in the season?

I asked a workmate, “how do you follow this game?” I believe he replied something like, “we see the highlights on the sports news.” What? It’s like waiting to hear about the outcome of a war. It’s like there’s a basketball game but I won’t watch it. I’ll just wait for the news to tell me who wins and who scored the most and show me the best shots made. That, to me, is just not on.

And when I do accidentally switch to a Cricket match on TV, all I see is a slow paced game where a “bowler” (like a baseball pitcher) throws a ball and the “batsman” (batter) tries to protect his wickets from being hit by the said ball by trying to strike it with a bat. Sounds like baseball, doesn’t it? But I guess I just don’t understand the rules because somehow it doesn’t seem as exciting as baseball.

Anyway, since Cricket matches go on for a long time, TV telecasts of the game would naturally eat up big chunks of time slots on a TV network’s time table.

The end result is that some TV shows that are normally on for that day will have to be bumped off in favour of the Cricket telecast. I’m sure that the telecast will still not be able to show the whole game because of the length of each match so why even bother? They can just tune in on the sports news later on and watch the best bits.

I’m sure I’m just missing something from the game and that’s maybe why I’m thinking it’s boring but still, I’d rather be watching my favourite shows tonight.

PS: Click here to read a blog post by somebody called “KO” who seems to understand Cricket but doesn’t like it.

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