Taking a short break from work so I figured I post something here. Nothing life shattering has happened recently so there isn’t anything grand to post but I do have some minor stuff I’d like to post about so I’ll just lump all of that in this one post. The title of this post is “Sari-sari” which in Tagalog means “Variety” or “Assorted.” I’ll just similarly title any future posts I make with assorted info as Sari-sari.

Now, on to the actual assorted info:

I’m mostly finished with the avatars for the site. If you’ll notice, the avatars in use on the main page are all non-YM avatars. However, I still have a couple of Raquel avatar expressions I still need to finish tonight so if Raquel uses any of those expressions on a new post, you’ll of course see the old YM avatars.

Yesterday, Raquel and I went to a nearby discount CD shop, Dragonfly Discs where all CDs are new (not second-hand) and sell for either $10 or $15. Pretty cheap considering the average CD here is about $25 to $30.

Anyway, I went in and bought two CDs of albums I used to have when I was still in the Philippines. One of which is the original soundtrack to the film Evita (starring Madonna, Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Pryce).

My emotional side shows sometimes such as when I listened to the song “You Must Love Me” where Evita is singing to the Juan Peron asking him why does he stay when she is obviously of no use to him anymore. I thought of the situation and listened to the words of the song and even though I already knew the words (from listening to it a long time ago), I was teary-eyed. I’m a sucker for sad emotional scenes even if this scene is just something I see in my head.

Ahem. (Where is my Eminem CD?)

Meanwhile at work, I’m still chugging along doing that enhancement for the project I’m working on. I think I’m finished with the new additional stuff and now I’ll have to work on the integration bit of the new stuff I just made. I think that’s the more difficult part. Sorry I can’t go into details for fear of being dooced. All I can say is that the bulk of the work I have yet to do is more directed towards trying to learn from the old code than from actual code typing.

That’s it for now. I’ll probably write an additional separate post or two later about other things, depending on how busy I am at work or how much I need a break.

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