I have just finished the template for Raquel’s avatar portrait to be used for the blog. I figured I finish her avatar first and get the hard stuff out of the way. Next thing I have to do are the other facial expressions.

And before I finish off with this post, I’d just like to share something funny Raquel and I heard over the INQ7.Net streaming video of the 24-Oras News Broadcast.

The reporter was narrating, “…Nangangamba rin sila na baka lalong madelay ang trial.”

It was followed immediately afterwards with an interview of a person being quoted, “nangangamba kami na baka magkaroon ng another delay.”

Huh? Well, maybe it’s not that funny when you didn’t hear it. But maybe it’s just funny because it reminded us of a satire we watched on TV recently where the news anchorman said, “The locals objected to the proposed plan.” It was then followed by a footage of a person being interviewed and quoted, “I am a local and I object.”

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