Crashed But Didn’t Burn

I’ve decided that today I will put a lot of effort into coding as much as I can on the enhancement I’m doing at work. I was at the stage when I know I should save the changes I’ve made or risk losing a lot of code.

To my absolute horror and frustration, that was the time Visual Basic (the programming language/software I’m using) decided to crash! All that code typed and modified was made undone!

I should create a portrait avatar with an emotion that shows anguish and despair because an angry emotive avatar doesn’t quite express what I felt when it happened.

However, I’m a believer of everything happens for a good reason no matter how bad that “every thing” is. In this case, I was about to save because I got to the point where I’ve coded a lot of lines but I wasn’t really getting anywhere near making the stupid enhancement requirement work. I was about to do some changes in the code I just did in an attempt to make it work when it crashed.

But since it did crash and I lost all my changes, I can never faithfully reproduce all the code I’ve written and changed since morning. I’d have to start from scratch but this time still armed with the knowledge of what didn’t work the last time.

In the end, I was able to write and modify the code needed to make the enhancement requirement work with less time than I would probably need if I had tried to preserve the changes I did previously and went on continuously tweaking the code until I made it work.

So although I’m still very frustrated with lost time and effort, I was probably better off with Visual Basic crashing and having me lose the changes I’ve made since morning.

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Belated Happy Birthday, Mom!

I’d first like to greet my Mom publicly a belated Happy Birthday! Yes, it was her birthday two days ago but I was too busy fixing up the site over the weekend that I wasn’t able to post a timely public greeting in our blog. At least I was able to call home that day and greet her over the phone.

She updated me with news regarding our family and relatives. Some of the anecdotes were unpleasant like my cousins’ grandma is in the hospital, my grandpa is not eating well and my cousins next door were with fever. There are some pleaseant news, too, thankfully, like my brother Ringjo giving Mom P5,000 as a birthday present.

I wasn’t able to say much over the phone as I was using a overseas phone card (for cheaper overseas call rates) and my time is about to expire. I just told her that most of what I was doing was on my blog anyway so she can just read it up here.

I hope that she has more healthy years to come. And if looks were any indication (she does not seem to age at all), she’ll definitely have more.

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Walang hiya

Sassy Lawyer recently posted an entry in her blog about her helper and the annoying thing she does. The post and the comments of other Pinoys recounting their own bad experiences with the apparent Filipino penchant for being makapal (thick-skinned or thick-faced) has prompted me to contribute a similar experience of mine regarding my aunt who seem to lack hiya (shame).

I’ll just quote myself here:

It’s interesting to read your blog, Sassy Lawyer and all those who commented here because my family had the same experience from an aunt. We used to live in an apartment that had to be demolished because a new apartment building has to be constructed by the owner. With such short notice to find a place to put our possessions in, my mom asked this aunt (wife of my dad’s cousin) if we could store some of our things in their backyard. The aunt readily accepted but soon after we start to see our own possessions being used within their house with no consent whatsoever. My mom didn’t say anything kasi nahihiya sya, we’re asking them a favor after all.

But then when I started working, I had the same experience as Iegasus, she started cross-examining me about my salary, my kind of work, etc. etc. And had the audacity to suggest that I might want to buy her kids a computer for them to use in doing their schoolwork. Ah, hello?!?! I just started working and they are financially more stable than my family so even thinking of it seems absurd.

My mom and this aunt no longer talk to each other now because the aunt keeps on asking for things and my mom finally said NO. so syempre kami pa ang masama.
One of the Filipino traits I don’t really understand, if we have a sense of hiya, we’d never do these things and yet it seems so prevalent!

And to think we Filipinos have a term for this kind of behaviour: Walang hiya (no shame). Another word that comes to mind is panggugulang (freeloading or taking advantage of someone unscrupulously).

I remember reading somewhere stating that if a language has a word to describe something, then that something is part of its culture or is commonly seen in that society. It’s sad that the words walang hiya and panggugulang remains to be very much a part of the Filipino vocabulary.

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New Portrait Icons

I’ve mentioned before that I was going to replace the Yahoo Messenger Avatar icons we use in Palabok with something I drew myself. That is, partly to avoid any legal problems and partly because it was my original intention to use my own artwork for the portrait icons.

However, I felt I’ve lost my drawing mojo and that I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be able to provide the portrait icons as originally intended. The past two days, I tried drawing the for the portraits. I say template because whatever I finish, I’m going to modify to produce portraits portraying different basic emotions (happy, sad, angry, laughing and “special”).

I tried a few times but I found the results very unsatisfactory to me. I knew I could do better and I knew I was capable of better. I was about to give up on the whole thing and just continue using the Yahoo avatars hoping that Yahoo wouldn’t mind nor notice.

I gave it one last go tonight and finally it was something I was satisfied with. I’m not sure if it could be better but I think the quality is up there with my previous artwork (before I stopped drawing the Lovarian Adventures webcomic). And so, now I have a basic template for an avatar portrait of myself that I could use for different emotions and a totally new Raquel avatar portrait with emotions, too.

The basic template avatar is used with this actual post. Tomorrow I’ll try to make the other emotions for my avatar at least. Time willing, I’ll be able to do Raquel’s avatar, too.

Note that in the redesign of August 2005, these avatars are no longer used as much.

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