Almost There

The site is finally almost done. I’d still need to do a lot of minor tweaking here and there but at its current incarnation it should be presentable enough to the public. The banner right now has an image of the Palabok Fiesta served at Jollibee but it’s only temporary (just to make the banner look prettier) and it will be replaced by a totally different banner which will most likely be a collage of stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m still not decided whether or not to import my posts from my older blog into this one. I have friends who do not speak Tagalog and I used to think that I’d be writing my blogs here in Tagalog while I maintain the other blog for my non-Tagalog speaking buddies. I also think it will be too much trouble to maintain two blogs in two different languages that basically say the same thing.

Another thing I just realised is that although conversationally I enjoy speaking in Tagalog, I’m more at ease writing in English. When I write in Tagalog, I somewhat get conscious of what I’m writing and it reads so fake-ish. So that’s another reason for me to just continue writing in English.

However, when writing in Tagalog, I can take advantage of the fact that only people from back home would understand what I’m saying. It’d be safer to discuss issues with neighbors and co-workers… not that I have any issues with them. Still, I can use the blog to vent out. When writing in English, I risk the slight possibility of the person I’m ranting about would read what I had to say about him or her.

I digressed. Back on the site, I’ll likely add some more bells and whistles. If you use Yahoo Messenger, then you’d know that the emotive portraits we use at the start of each post was taken from it’s avatar feature. I’m not sure if Yahoo allows the usage of those avatars outside YM but I can pretty much guess that they don’t.

So I’ll be replacing these YM avatar portraits with my own drawn portraits. That was the original idea actually but since I just want to see how effective these portrait-thingies would look on the site, I just used the YM avatars as prototypes of sorts.

So far I haven’t really posted anything in terms of goss (Australian slang for gossip or juicy information regarding somebody) but it’ll come soon.

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