Birthday and New Year

The following blog was originally posted from my old blog, The Geejay Journal:

Yesterday was my birthday. The same day as the Philippine holiday celebrated in commemoration of one of my country’s renowned heroes, Jose Rizal. Hence, the name Joseph (English form of Jose) as my middle name.

Anyway, I’m now 30 years old. I don’t feel any different except older. I keep thinking I’m that young kid back in the 1980s living the good life. I seem to think a lot about my younger days lately. Did my parents think about the same thing when they hit 30? 40? How many years do I have left to go?

Well, yesterday, we decided to celebrate my birthday at TGI Fridays. It was one of our favourite restaurant hangouts back in the Philippines and I’m just grateful there’s one here in Melbourne (there isn’t in New South Wales or in Canberra as far as I know). I just want to relive the good old days.

Other than that, nothing much birthday-related happened. Well, maybe except for the well-wishes I got through emails, SMS text messages, chat messages and phone calls.

The rest of the day was like any other weekend. We went to the mall, shopped and watched TV or DVD.

We did buy some picnic supplies in preparation for our vigil along the Yarra River tonight for the New Year’s Eve fireworks/celebration. We’ll probably leave here around 7pm after dinner and go to the city to find a place to stake out.

I’m excited about tonight at least. Happy New Year!

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The Great Ocean Road Trip

The following blog was originally posted from my old blog, The Geejay Journal:

On December 26, we went on a three-day road trip along the Great Ocean Road south of Melbourne. There were a lot of things I wanted to write down for this blog concerning our trip but in the end, I’m enjoying my short vacation too much to even sit down in front of the PC to type up the story.

We did have lots of pics from the trip so I’ll just let the pics do the talking. Raquel and I did captioned the pictures. I apologise to my non-Tagalog speaking friends though as some of the captions are in Tagalog. But, don’t worry. You are not really missing a lot since those captions are just smart-alec remarks anyway.

Click Here to View Pictures

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