No News is Good News

The following blog was originally posted from my old blog, The Geejay Journal:

Once again, it’s been a while since my last post in the journal. I guess that’s really just because apart from my geeky hobbies, I really don’t have any new experiences to write about. Well, I can probably talk about our plans for the coming Christmas season instead.

This coming Christmas holidays, Raquel and I are going on a road trip. A long one. We’re going to the Great Ocean Road, a famous Victorian tourist attraction/freeway. It’s a southern coastal road that’s over 400 km long that goes through various natural tourist attractions such as the 12 Apostles (giant rock stacks by the beach), a few historic towns, Otways rain forest with interconnecting bridges along the tree tops and beautiful flora/fauna nearby.

We were warned by Dave, an office mate, that we should be careful in driving along the Great Ocean Road during the holidays as there is a bigger chance of encountering reckless drivers along the way during this time of year. As an example, we should watch out on tight turns where an in-coming car might cut corners and drive on our side of the road leaving us the option to turn left and fall into the ocean or turn right into the mountain-side’s carved wall. Hopefully, everything will be all right.

After that, we’re probably going to spend the New Year’s Eve celebrations right here in Melbourne. I had a haircut yesterday and my barber advised me that New Year’s in Sydney would probably be better. But I’ve already been there for the 2001 New Year’s celebration and I wanted to see what Melbourne does on New Year’s. So now, we are searching for information regarding where is the optimal spot to go to see the fireworks.

In between, one of these nights, we’d go see this year’s night market over at the Queen Victoria Markets (QVM) north of the city. According to information we’ve seen, they’ll be having these nightly bazaars open until February of next year so there isn’t really any rush but I bet the feeling is different (as in better) if we visit before Christmas is over.

That’s all for now. I’ll write about these events when they happen and probably even include some photos. For now, I’m going back to geek mode and wait for the Series of Unfortunate Events and The Incredibles movies to be shown here in Australia. Also, wait for the finales of Survivor and The Amazing Race. Also, play Unreal Tournament 2004, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and Counter-strike: Source to my heart’s content.

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