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The following blog was originally posted from my old blog, The Geejay Journal:

This weekend I could not connect to our $80 per month broadband connection. I did not have a connection from Friday to Monday. The aggravating part of it is that this wasn’t the first time we lost our broadband connection and could not get connected again.

Based on past experience, we usually just need to wait for a several minutes to a few hours and the connection would come back on. If not, then we try turning off/on the ADSL router modem and/or plug/unplug the phone line. Doing that fixed the problem usually. Not this weekend though.

So we weren’t able to enjoy downloading, watching streaming videos or playing network PC games online this weekend. It is a consolation that the ISP also provides its subscribers with a free dialup connection in cases of emergencies. Using the dialup, I was able to connect to the Internet at a measly 49kbps connection speed using only one computer (I can’t get the Windows 2000 Internet Connection Sharing / ICS to work on our two PCs). And the PC that has a dialup connected modem to it is the PC that can run Sims 2 properly.

That meant that if Raquel wants to play Sims 2, for example, she’d have to use my PC and I could not surf at the same time. It was very inconvenient to say the least. And to think that we’re paying the ISP $70 per month for this hassle.

By Monday, I got real tired of the lack of connection and I decided to phone the ISP to get this straightened out. Previous calls to them (in the past when this happened before) were fruitless wastes of time. They had this checklist of things I had to check and if those things are all ticked and I still have a problem, they do not know what to do next.

The Monday afternoon call wasn’t any different. The support person suspects that it is Telstra’s fault. These broadband ISPs all use Telstra’s telecommunication infrastructure so it makes some sense but I thought that the ISPs should be informed if there are any outages at Telstra’s side. The support guy suggested that I could file a complaint with Telstra regarding this problem. But before that, he said, he wanted me to call the tech support again when I get home so I can go through the motions and their checklist.

Well, looking back now, it was good that I did call them back when I got home. I was able to talk to a real technical support person and he was able to provide me with real troubleshoots in an effort to find out what was going wrong. And after fiddling with the ADSL modem’s settings, I finally got my broadband connection back!

It was the modem all along. But the funny thing was that I knew I set it properly before and according to the tech person, the settings shouldn’t have been erased from the Flash memory. He thought that maybe the modem could be faulty in some way.

So now, the modem is under observation. If it fails again, according to the tech guy, I can return the modem and get a replacement. And now at least, if it fails again, I know which settings to tweak to get my broadband connection going again. I’d probably only return the modem if it only becomes a real hassle.

For now, I have broadband connection again and timing couldn’t be better as Half-Life 2 just hit the game stores! I’ll be able to enjoy Counterstrike: Source online gaming this weekend! It’s all good.

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