Stupid Mobile

The following blog was originally posted from my old blog, The Geejay Journal:

For several weeks now, my Sony Erricson Z1010 mobile phone (“cellphone” to my Filipino and American friends) has been acting up real bad. It started out as an odd thing: my mobile randomly turns off by itself. I’ll just be surprised to find it turned off!

I had no idea then what could be causing the problem. As time passed by though, the problem started to occur more frequently. It was then that I started to really monitor my mobile’s on/off state.

One day I found out that closing the clam shell after a phone call would turn off the mobile. Apparently, the snap that happens when I close the clam shell is the culprit. Yet, I was too lazy to have the mobile serviced by 3 (the mobile phone company I’m subscribed with). I figured that I can live with the problem. I just have to gently close the clam shell from then on and I should be right (you don’t need to say “all right” here as just saying “right” is all right or, rather, right, all right?).

As it turned out, the condition got worse. I no longer have to just worry about closing the clam shell hard but I have to be wary of jerking the mobile hard. And accidental hard bump would turn it off as well.

Finally I got tired of the problem so yesterday I went to the Sony Erricson certified service centre to have it fixed. However, it will take three to four working days to fix they said. So at the moment, I’m mobile-less! I’ll be mobile-less until Tuesday!

I didn’t realise how much I’m used to the convenience of having a mobile phone until now. Raquel and I have to arrange our meeting time and place after work even before leaving the office. I cannot just call her to change venues and such. Yesterday I forgot my umbrella up in the office and since the elevators lock up after 6 pm, there is no way for me to come back up to the office to retreive it. And since I do not have my mobile, I have no way of calling them to at least bring my umbrella down to me. And since I didn’t have a mobile phone, there was no easy way for me to tell Raquel I would be late.

Well, I just hope the phone actually gets fixed by Tuesday. I just hope I won’t have any future problems with the mobile, too.

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