Our (Leather) Couch Potato Weekend

The following blog was originally posted from my old blog, The Geejay Journal:

Friday night, Raquel and I just decided to head home early to watch the second half of the second season of The West Wing DVDs she borrowed from the Melbourne City Library. We also watched the recording we made of The Apprentice. It is shown at the same time as Stargate SG-1 on Thursdays so we had to record one to watch later.

The furniture company called me Friday telling me that our new leather sofa would be delivered between 8 to 10 am Saturday. So while watching the DVDs and the Apprentice, I can’t get over the fact that by tomorrow (well, the tomorrow of that day Friday), we would no longer be sitting in foldable picnic chairs.

I was pleasantly surprised that the furniture deliverers were at our door at 8:30! At last, we thought, we have a decent sofa!

Here is a pic of the new sofa. Pardon the quality as I used my phone’s low-res digital camera here:

Needless to say, Raquel and I are both stoked. We spent the rest of Saturday just watching DVDs while enjoying the new furniture. What a bunch of couch potatoes, no?

But Sunday, I decided to get off my butt and worked on moving my Lovarian Adventures webcomic site to its new home at our new host at Palabok.com. I had to convert the PHP code into Classic ASP/VBScript. Originally, though, I planned to convert the PHP code to ASP.NET but that would take longer to do as I’m not that proficient with VB.Net nor C# (ASP.NET languages).

Since we need to budget our continually growing expenses, we wanted to stop paying for two websites. With this in mind, I had to fast track the move of the webcomic site to the new host so that I can discontinue the former site.

Anyway, I do not want to get into a lot of detail so I’ll just make a long story short. I was able to finish a working version of the Lovarian Adventures webcomic site (minus the bells and whistles of the old site) and ready to upload on the new host. It should be up and working by the time you read this.

We ended the weekend watching Australian Idol and the remaining top four contestants. I’m no longer excited by the remaining contestants though. I dunno why. Well, we were enjoying the new sofa more than the TV at the time anyway.

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