Just Another Shopping Centre

The following blog was originally posted from my old blog, The Geejay Journal:

Yesterday, Raquel asked me where we would go for the day. We would regularly go out somewhere on weekends whether it be the park, a shopping centre, the library or the beach.

This weekend, I thought we go see what the Eastland Shopping Centre. Not too exciting I know but you have to understand that a lot of Filipinos, such as myself, consider going to malls a very leisurely activity much like going to the park for a picnic.

So finding a good-sized mall where one can hang-out for a day is highly desired. Ever since moving to Melbourne in July, I’ve scouted for such malls nearby and so far I’ve been to Chadstone, The Glen, Southland and Crowne. Although all of them are big shopping centres, I usually go to Chadstone and Southland as they are fairly easy to go to via car.

So yesterday, I told Raquel that maybe we can see this place called Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood. To digress for a bit, Raquel and I noticed the apparent lack of imagination in naming these big shopping centres sometimes as there is the Southland in the south, Eastland in the east and Northland in, you guessed it, the north.

So off we went. Took the car and drove north via the St Kilda Road then through Punt Road. Then we went eastward through the Eastern Freeway where I can drive at 100kph. Still, the whole trip took around 25-30 minutes and this was without heavy traffic. We were thinking that maybe the reason there wasn’t much traffic was because everybody was at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) watching the Australian Rules Football League (AFL) grand final match between Port Adelaide and Brisbane. Probably.

When we got there, we weren’t really impressed. It sure is big but not as classy as Chadstone and doesn’t seem to be as big as the one in Southland. Although it is a big enough mall, it does not seem to be worth the time and effort spent to get there.

If you are still reading this, then you must either be family or one of my friends, who are my primary target audience anyway. I just want my family and friends to know what I do on an ordinary day.

So this is just another day about just another shopping centre.

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