Settling In

Well, I moved to Melbourne back in July and it is only now that I’m beginning to settle in. AHHH. And I love the feeling.

The thing was, during the first few weeks in Melbourne, I was preoccupied with trying to get the new apartment in order and trying to fit in my new work then as a programmer consultant.

After a few weeks working at the client site at Transurban Citylink, I realised that I am no longer cut-out for the consulting/contracting life. I must be getting old because I’m now more interested in getting a job that will provide me with stability and predictability.

With consulting/contracting, you never know where your next job will be (after the current one). When you go to another client site, you’ll have to get to know the people working there again, learn the system their working on again, and just live with the fact that the next client might be located an hour’s train ride from your current home. Then there is also the fact that I have to dress-up in very formal business attire (which I totally understand because my company then had to live up to this professional image).

I just want to find a job where I know that it’ll be 20 minutes away by train everyday; where I just need to get to know the people once and it’ll be worth it because I’ll be socialising with these people for a long while; where I don’t have to wear formal business attire everyday; where I can come in at 10 am and it’ll be alright (because it’ll be flexible hours). Well, my prayer has been answered.

I saw this job opening for a company on one day and the skill set they were looking for matched my skill set exactly. So I gave it a go and submitted my resume. I received an email from them the next day saying that they wanted me to come over to their office for an interview. I’ll cut it short by saying that I got the job! 😀

It’s in the CBD city centre and is only 15 minutes away by train. I can get there in 20 minutes. The work atmosphere is pretty relaxed. It’s flexible hours. The dress code is casual so I come to work in a t-shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. The technology is what I’m familiar with plus I get to work with newer technology like C# and ASP.NET (it’s a Microsoft shop company).

So all in all, I find myself blessed. It’s my fourth day at work and I’m loving it. The work, although challenging, I still find enjoyable to do and I guess it’s also because of the relaxed environment. Now I don’t feel as stressed when I get home from work.

I guess what I’m saying is that maybe I have more energy to get back to drawing now. Whereas before, although I want to make updates on the gallery and on my comic site, I just don’t have the motivation to sit down and pick up the tablet to draw anything decent. Now, it’s different. Of course, I could just spend my free time just watching TV or playing Counter-strike. Still, I think I’m actually getting back the enthusiasm in drawing I once had.

We’ll see.

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